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Bed Bugs in Texas

Bed bugs can get from place to place very easily.  It is extremely likely that they are in every state in the U.S., too.  This story below is of an experience a mother and son had in a hotel in Odessa with the unwanted pests.  Unfortunately these stories come about all too often.  But that […]

Protecting Your Bed

If you are worried you might be prone to picking up bed bugs, you can get specific mattress covers to put on your bed.  Of course, there are other prevention methods you can use, too, that we have discussed before, but not much is mentioned about a simple mattress cover.  Learn about why bed bugs […]

Teaching About Bed Bugs

As you hear more and more stories of bed bugs popping up it is important to know of prevention and removal tips.  People of all ages should be aware of these things.  That is where the article below comes in.  Schools have begun teaching bed bug prevention to children in efforts to keep bed bugs […]

Now That There’s Two Species of Bed Bugs

This year, a tropical species of bed bug reemerged in Florida after not being seen in the United States in over 60 years.  Now that there are two species of bed bugs residing in the country, research is being done comparing and contrasting them.  Read the article below by Brittany Campbell of Pest Control Technology […]

Bad News for Our Neighbors in the North

Oklahoma residents in Comanche County are unfortunately dealing with unwanted guests in the area.  Those unwanted guests are, as you probably guessed, bed bugs.  This story goes to show that an infestation or outbreak can occur anywhere at any time.  We hope residents are taking the right steps for containment and removal so this group […]

Unwanted Thanksgiving Guests

As most of us are preparing to travel to a friend’s or family member’s house for Thanksgiving weekend, we are probably not thinking about picking up unwanted guests.  Not just any unwanted guest, but bed bugs.  Whether you are traveling down the street or across the country you should be aware of where the pests […]

A Study on Insecticides

As you know, heat is the best way to effectively remove bed bugs from a house and/or your belongings.  However, bed bugs can also be fought with certain insecticides at certain stages of their life cycle.  In the article below, a study is discussed that used insecticides on bed bug eggs.  Read on to learn […]

The Places Pests Will Hide

The information in this article applies to hotels and homes.  It is about how certain textiles and pieces of furniture can hide bed bugs better than others.  If you are an employee of a hotel or are just simply redesigning your bedroom at home consider the information this piece offers.  The less hiding places there are for […]

Catching Bed Bugs Made Easier?

Research is always being done on bed bugs and how to contain them or exterminate them.  Recent studies have discovered an interesting, and potentially advantageous, piece of information regarding where bed bugs are likely to gather.  This could work in our favor if it becomes possible to draw bed bugs to an area making them […]

Where Bed Bugs Can Hide

Bed bugs know no limits, and there are places other than your house or hotels that they like to hide in.  This article that we are sharing is just to make you aware that bed bugs can be in many places without anyone knowing.  If you visit or work at any of the places listed […]