“You can inspect your own home for bed bugs but a professional inspection is a much better way to go because they are trained to look for key signs that you might just miss. Having a professional do the inspection also allows for the treatment plan to be developed on the spot and a more accurate quote to be given.”

Do you have bed bugs? Here’s how to find out.

A flashlight is a key tool in your inspection as it makes the bed bugs easier to see with the naked eye. You should begin by picking up and turning over furniture. You should also check inside of cushions, near seams, in cluttered areas, in corners and more. You can actually see bed bugs yourself if you know where to look. During the day, bed bugs will normally be hiding, making them difficult to spot and allowing the infestation to grow.

Signs of an Infestation

      • The first sign of bed bugs is generally, bites on the person’s body. They are often red, inflamed and itchy. People will not realize when a bed bug bites but most people’s skin will react to the bite. Bed bug bites generally appear in patterns and resemble mosquito bites. They can are generally slightly raised from the skin.
      • Keep in mind, that sometimes THERE IS NO REACTION to a bed bug bite, allowing the problem to get even worse and go unnoticed.
      • The next indication is actually seeing a bed bug. Just one bug is proof enough that you should call a professional to handle the infestations before it gets out of hand. Bed bugs are only about a quarter of an inch in length as adults. They are oval shaped and a brown or reddish color depending on when they last fed.

If you’re sure you have bed bugs….

Call us immediately and we will be there in 24-48 hours, guaranteed. We also provide a free inspection and estimate on site!

Additional Ways to Know You Have Bed Bugs

The last indications of a bed bug infestation are carcasses of bed bugs, fecal matter or molted exoskeletons.

These would be found in any nesting area of bed bugs that we have mentioned earlier, like the bed, mattress seams, in clothes, clutter, linens, corners, bed frames, voids in walls, other furniture and many other creative hiding places.

If the infestation is treated improperly, bed bugs can get even more creative with where they hide, making the infestation even harder to actually get rid of.

2 Year Bed Bug Warranty Houston

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