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Do you know you have bed bugs? Need to rid your Houston home of them quickly? Captain Heat offers the swiftest bed bug treatment in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Offering same-day availability to tackle the issue and restore your peace. Backed by the longest warranty in the business, we’re committed to excellence.

Suspecting bed bugs? Our free inspection for homeowners within our service area is your first step to liberation. A nominal fee applies for renters, ensuring everyone has access to our superhero service.

Since landing in Houston in 2016, I, Captain Heat, have dedicated myself to eradicating bed bugs, employing advanced heat treatment techniques tailored to Houston’s unique needs. As your local superhero, I promise a bed bug-free haven, letting you sleep soundly once again.

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Bed Bug Treatment Options:

Houston Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our bed bug heat treatment is the quickest and most effective way to exterminate bed bugs. We heat the entire space to 150°F. The heat reaches all bed bug hiding places. All parts of the room reach our target temperature. The floor, ceiling, walls, and contents of the room will reach 150°. All sides of the furniture will reach our target temperature. The bed bugs won’t be able to escape the heat.

Bed bugs cannot survive this extreme temperature. Bed bugs at any stage of their life cycle will be eliminated. Even the eggs will be sterilized by the heat. We also apply pesticide to all the cracks and crevices of the room and the furniture. This will eliminate any bed bugs that may appear after the bed bug heat treatment.

Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment Houston

Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment

Want to save money and stay within budget but still exterminate all bed bugs? Then choose our bed bug pesticide treatment!

Bed bug heat treatments can be expensive. If you think heat treatment is too expensive then the pesticide treatment is for you. Instead of using heat, we carefully apply specific pesticides in all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs frequent. As the bed bugs crawl around they will contact the pesticide and will eventually die.

It takes more time to kill the bed bugs with this method. When heat is not applied, it can take 30 days or longer to kill all bed bugs.

Free Bed Bug Inspection Houston Texas

Free Bed Bug Inspection

Not sure if you have bed bugs? Not sure what treatment option to choose?

Get a FREE in-home consultation today! 100% no obligation inspection and quote from a Houston bed bug treatment technician. Free inspections are only available to homeowners in single family homes within our normal service area. We also offer bed bug inspections for renters and businesses for a nominal fee.

We will inspect the suspect areas to confirm the presence of bed bug infestation and give a proper treatment recommendation.

Also offering free consultations by video call or over the phone, whatever you are comfortable with.