Bed Bug Treatment HoustonNot All Bed Bug Treatments Are Equal. 

“Bed bugs are highly resistant to most pesticides commonly used to kill roaches and spiders. There are a few pesticides that do work on bed bugs, however it will still take weeks to eliminate them. Pesticide treatment takes approximately three weeks to thirty days to kill all of the bed bugs unless combined with heat treatment. This can be a problem as you may experience bites during that time period. Pesticides also do not kill eggs outright. It takes time for the bed bugs to hatch and come out of their hidden spaces and interact with the pesticide.”

How long does the application of the pesticide treatment take?

Pesticide spray application is normally finished within one hour. One the pesticide has been applied note that you will have to remain out of your home for six hours so that the pesticide is allowed to dry.

Are small and large infestations both applicable for pesticide treatment?

If Houston Heat Pest Services applies the pesticide treatment normally both large and small infestations can be eliminated. Our team always recommends that customers consider heat treatment primarily as this is the most immediate and effective method to avoid further bites and bed bug issues.

Can pets or my family be harmed by pesticide treatment?

Pesticide is applied in areas where pets and family members won’t be in direct contact. Side effects should not be caused by the pesticide and it’s application. Pesticide solutions that our team applies are both pet and people friendly.

Is the pesticide you use different than what is purchased at a store or online?

Pesticide from stores will not kill all of the bedbugs that are in different stages of their maturity. In many cases these types of pesticides cause more problems as they can force bed bugs to spread out into other areas of the home.

Our team uses commercial grade pesticide that we strongly caution homeowners from not applying themselves. Pesticides, if applied incorrectly, can be dangerous to a homeowner and their family. Additionally a bed bug infestation can be complicated if applied incorrectly as bed bugs may create resistance to the chemical making it harder to kill them later. Important to note: many commercial grate pesticides sold online are often counterfeit and may not work at all. Commercial grade pesticides should not be purchased online.

Lastly, commercial grade pesticides require special training to learn the correct application techniques. Make sure that the you only use a licensed pesticide service.

Do pesticide treatments have any guarantees?

Our team guarantees all of the work we do when at a home. Both our Heat Treatments and Pesticide Treatments come with a guarantee. We include a 24 month warranty with the heat treatment of the entire home. We also include a warranty with a pesticide treatment of the entire home.

What is the best thing to do to prepare for pesticide treatment?

  • Clear away floors including inside the closet and under the bed under beds & closet floors
  • Make sure to remove bed linens and wash immediately then dry on high heat
  • Vacuum any remains of Diatomaceous Earth. (if any was used)
  • Put all of your food drink and any pots or pans away
  • Make sure all people and pets remain out of the treated area for at least six hours.
  • Small pets and sensitive family members should remain out of the treatment area for twenty-four hours.

Do people or family members have to leave their home during the pesticide treatment?

YES. All people and pest are required to leave the home for a minimum of six hours after the pesticide treatment so that it can dry

Can personal belongings be damaged by pesticides?

When using a pesticide treatment: No.
When using heat treatment: more preparation and instruction is required to prevent damage to heat sensitive items such as a candle. In almost every case if a home is properly prepped heat treatment will not cause damage.

Keys to Pest Control for Bed Bugs

In general what should people do to prevent pests in their home?

For pests just in general it’s important to keep all opening to the home sealed including windows, doors, exterior walls, and eaves. Keep in mind that bed bug prevention is more detailed.

See our page on preventing bed bugs

How can a customer make your job easier?

Most importantly is to notify us as early on as possible when you notice the first bed bug. The earlier we address an infestation the better.
Also, it’s important to follow the preparation instruction provided by our team.

What is the most important item to keep in mind to make the treatment effective?

Follow all the directions provided by our team prior to prior to the pesticide treatment.
Call Houston Heat Pest Services to make sure that you have received a proper warranty or guarantee with your bed bug treatment.

How would you recommend a customer to choose the best treatment for their home?

Our team offers a free inspection when determining the extent of the infestation, this is what allows us to recommend the best possible treatment option.

Regarding Bedbugs: Heat treatment is going to be the best possible solution primarily because it is the fastest and most effective as it eliminates bed bugs in one day.
Pesticide treatment is normally the second best option (and also the more affordable) however the time frame is longer as it could take up to thirty days kill all bed bugs.