Are you getting bed bug bites? Are you opposed to the use of pesticides? The only effective natural bed bug treatment is the bed bug heat treatment.

Eliminate all bed bugs without the use of pesticides with the help of Heat Pest Services. Notify your technician in writing that you prefer that we do not use pesticide during the heat treatment. Just send a quick email to the technician prior to treatment.

The way we get rid of bed bugs without chemicals is by heating the entire infested area(s) to 150 degrees. We are not talking about “localized heat” using a blow dryer, heat gun, steamer, or the like. We heat the entire space so that there is no place in the treated area that does not get up to target temperature. Heat penetrates flooring, furniture, walls, and ceiling. Compare different types of bed bug treatment before making a decision.

The structure itself and personal belongings will not be damaged by the heat. Certain items that are sensitive to heat will be removed or protected.

The bed bug heat treatment is the most effective way to kill all bed bugs and eggs, so you can get back to normal quickly.

If you are interested in a natural treatment option for bed bugs, contact us for a free inspection & quote on our heat treatment services!

Watch the video below to see our signature heat treatment in action:

2 Year Bed Bug Warranty Houston

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