Selecting the right treatment for your home depends on several of factors.  Before you choose the best bed bug treatment for your home, make sure that you have considered how long it will take to eliminate all of the bed bugs, how much pesticide will ultimately be used, how much the treatment costs, and how long the warranty period will last.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Houston

Heat treatment is one of the most effective and fast acting methods to eliminate all signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Our team  increases the temperature of the entire targeted space to 150 degrees. The method can be applied to a single room or multiple rooms. Our team takes special measures to ensure the safety of your belongings during the application of this process. Optional pesticide application is included with the heat treatment to provide ling lasting residual protection, just in case.

Do You Prefer Not to Use Pesticides in Your Home? Keep this Chemical Free Option when you are comparing the different bed bug treatments available.

Please note that a minimal chemical application does come with the heat treatment, however this is not a requirement as the heat alone will kill all bed bugs.

Pesticide Treatment for Bed Bugs in Houston

We understand that it’s important to have a solution available in the case a heat treatment is slightly outside of any budget constraints. Our team also offers a “no heat” bed bug treatment that utilizes the top quality chemicals available in the market aimed at eliminating bed bugs. In Most cases our team can remove all bed bugs within a 30 day time period. For faster extermination choose the heat treatment that eliminates 99% bed bugs and their eggs in 1 day.

Pesticide treatment however does not eliminate bed bugs eggs and might not be able to access some of bed bugs hiding places such as within walls or other hard to reach areas. This treatment will however kill all bed bugs when they leave emerge from their eggs and areas that are less accessible. One main difference is that with pesticide treatment you may still receive bed bug bites in the initial weeks as the bed bug pesticide treatment takes effect.

Compare Bed Bug Treatments and Warranties for Your Home

Our team offers a Long Term Warranty with all of our bed bug treatments. If you notice any bed bugs or bed bug activity during this warranty term, a treatment will be completed at no cost. If bed bugs are re-introduced into the home after treatment, you are still covered with Heat Pest Services.

Bed Bug Elimination Requires Special Knowledge of the Most Up To Date Technology. Here are Some Additional Bed Bug Treatment Methods to Compare from Other Pest Control Companies That Don’t Specialize in Bed Bugs.

Liquid Pesticide

Our team estimates that this method, If done by Houston Heat Pest, will be most effective in eliminating bed bugs within a three week time period. The liquid pesticides that we use are both expensive and specific and also not available to the public. We must require special knowledge, training, and we closely follow the guidelines provided by the pesticide chemical companies.

The pesticide method will not work if a homeowner has already started to use different over the counter type chemicals. Pesticide treatment is most effective when completed by a licensed professional who is using the correct chemicals and closely following the best application techniques. Pesticide treatment does take approximately two to three weeks until it becomes most effective. Every environment can be different and certain bed bug can gain a resistance to chemicals which does make it harder to kill future generations that have the increased immunity.

Tenting and Fumigation

Fumigation is a method which targetts an entire area or space with Dangerous Gas. While fumigation may work in some situations, it can also be harmful for plants that are in the home, it may not kill all the bed bugs and their eggs, and it in many cases much more expensive. With fumigation there is often no long term effects or guarantees for the services.

Bed Bug Bombs

“Bug Bombs” or often referred to as “total release aerosol” is not a solution applicable for eliminating bed bugs. even if the product purchased states that it kills bed bugs on the label. Often the bed bug problem can be increased as bugs are not eliminated but spread into different rooms.

Always be sure to review if the solution you are using contains a warranty when you are comparing bed bug treatments.

A lot of companies offer NO GUARANTEE because of the risk of re-infestation and their lack of specialty in eliminating bed bugs.


Steaming is one of the least effective methods. Side effects range from stimulating mold growth and it’s difficult if not impossible to impact hard to reach areas such as walls or ceilings.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE

Diatomaceous earth is not a reliable solution to use as a main defense against bed bugs. We do not recommend that you apply this to mattresses or furniture. Also, Do not breath in this dust as it can be dangerous!