“Be sure to follow these steps to eliminate bed bugs.”

Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Houston Home

Although it may seem impossible to prevent bed bugs, there is a clear and definite way to do so. It’s actually quite simple. Remember it is always easier to prevent an infestation than to get rid of one so it’s better to be safe and follow these rules that we have crafted through years of professional experience with bed bugs.

  • Do not bring used furniture into the home as it could have bed bugs

    Garage sales can seem like a good bargain. However often bed bugs can be carried into your home through used and infected furniture.

  • Avoid bringing anything used into your home

    (e.g. second hand items, and items from garage sales. second hand)  It’s possible that your items with bed bugs can be sold or donated.  One easy way to avoid bed bugs is to always buy new.

  • If you are aware of someone has bed bugs

    Do not enter their home or let them enter yours until they have addressed the issue. Do not bring items from their home into your home.  Lastly, do not sit on their furniture.

  • Do not set your purse or bag down in areas you suspect could have bed bugs

    Bed bugs can be in very unsuspecting areas such as at work, in public, or someone’s home. Always try to hang your purse from something metal  or if that isn’t an option  leave it in your car. Bed Bugs have a special preference for purses and backpacks.

  • If you have a party or event at your home

    Ask other people to leave their items in their vehicles to reduce the risk of someone bringing in bed bugs to your  home. (e.g. bags, purses, jackets, backpacks)

  • Do not bring library books inside your home

    library books are public items that travel from home to home.  If you have books from the library, read them outside of your home to reduce the risk of bed bugs.

  • If you hire a maid service

    Make sure they use your vacuum. using their own vacuum could transport bed bugs from another home.   Vacuum cleaners have small compartments that make it difficult to avoid capturing and transporting small bugs like bed bugs.

When You Travel

Remember that the only way bed bugs travel from place to place is by people not noticing them and allowing them to hitch a ride. So when you travel or stay at a friend or family member’s home, or really anywhere that is not your home, be sure to follow these steps:

Inspect The Room for Signs of Bed Bugs:
Check for small black stains in scattered groups on bedding, bed frames, and mattresses. Be sure to check the cracks and seams. Check under the mattress and box spring because these are prime hiding for bed bugs.   Learn more about inspecting for bed bugs here.

Do not put your suitcase or bags on any furniture while you inspect so that if there are bed bugs, they do not climb out onto furniture and escape your gaze.

When you get home follow these steps:

    1. Put anything that you brought with you outside for inspection. This means bags, luggage, cribs, and anything else.
    1. Put everything from the luggage into plastic bags for inspection.
    1. Wash and dry all clothes and linens on the highest heat possible.
    1. Place suitcase in plastic bags and place outside in the sun for several days.
    1. Flip the bagged suitcase twice a day to ensure thorough heating.
    1. Keep suitcase sealed in bag until your next trip.

Tips: How to sanitize linens to prevent a bed bug infestation.

Keeping linens hygienic is the most important step to preventing bed bugs from entering your home.

Sealing linens in trash bags before entering the home or laundry facility keeps your clothes protected from bed bugs by barring entry into your home.

Be sure to place the bag inside the washing machine and untie the top. Then empty the contents of the bags into machines.
When the bag is empty, immediately seal the empty bag to prevent further points of entry for bed bugs.

Bed bugs may already be in said bag, so be sure to take the bag and dispose of it responsibly to keep bugs from escaping and contaminating other areas.

For more information and bed bug prevention tips, check out this link to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. 

2 Year Bed Bug Warranty Houston

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