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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service In Houston TX and Surrounding Areas

“Bed bugs are very resistant to pesticides. Thankfully, bed bugs are not resistant to HEAT. Our heat treatment process kills all bed bugs in 8 hours or less without causing damage to belongings.”

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the quickest and most effective way to kill bed bugs.

Quickest Bed Bug Remedy

Houston Heat Pest heat treatment is the only method that eliminates all bed bugs and their eggs in a single day with practically no or very limited chemical use. Heat treatment is the most successful technique used to eliminate bed bugs (which are very resistant to most pesticides), because bed bugs can not survive this such extreme heat. Thermal bed bug extermination eliminates all stages of bed bugs from eggs, babies, to mature adults in less than 8 hours. Pesticide does not kill bed bug eggs, even when it is directly applied to them.

Discreet Bed Bug Treatment

Our team when applying a heat treatment completes the job discreetly. Your neighbors will not know there is a bed bug heat treatment being performed. Our equipment and vehicles are discreet and do not have pictures of bed bugs or words such as “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” or “Bed Bug Specialist”. We care about you and your privacy!

Specialized Equipment

The heat used by our team comes from specialized heaters that are equipped with safety devices such as sensors and thermostats which permit out team the ability to safely heat the entire target area(s) or space to exactly 150 degrees. This technique can be used for one single room or an entire home. Heat treatment is especially effective as it can penetrate carpets, furniture, mattresses, ceilings, and walls. The heat reaches areas where pesticide can not be applied.

Safe Work Practices

We understand the importance of your family, pets, and personal belongings and home. Our team are trained extensively in the classroom and in the field, and continually improve with weekly safety and compliance meetings. Every technician has been licensed with the state, background checked, and drug tested. Our heat treatment does not damage the home, or personal items in the room if the simple preparation instructions are followed. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • Eliminates all bed bugs in a matter of hours, not weeks.

  • Heat treatments reaches areas that most chemicals can not.

  • Chemicals can be used in combination with heat treatment.

  • Our team uses discreet trucks which don’t have the term “bed bug” written on them or any pictures.

  • In most cases only one heat treatment is necessary.

  • Heat treatment can allow you to keep your mattress or other furniture.

  • We are experienced in eliminating bed bugs and have a track record to prove it.

Our team has successfully completed over 7,000 heat treatments. This bed bug heat treatment experience gives our technicians special insight that most pest control companies do not have. Unlicensed individuals or pest control companies that lack experience using heat treatments can cause damage to your home and fail to eliminate bed bugs. It’s important to know that it’s not the heat alone that eliminates bed bugs but the entire process from the beginning to end that ensures a successful bed bug treatment.


How long does the bed bug heat treatment take?

Usually, it takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete our bed bug heat treatment. It depends on how many rooms we are heating. If we are heating one or two rooms, it could take around 4 hours. If we are heating six rooms, it could take around 8 hours.

Does heat treatment exterminate all bed bugs?

It depends on the amount of furniture and belongings in the room. The more furniture and belongings in the room the less effective a bed bug heat treatment can be. The same could be said for any type of bed bug treatment.

All bed bugs and eggs that are exposed to the heat will be exterminated. Bed bugs and eggs that are sheltered from the heat may not die.

This is why a room must be prepared for heat treatment. This is also why we apply pesticides in addition to heat.

Do we heat just one room, or the whole house?

We can heat as much as the entire building, or as little as a single room.

We can heat all rooms at the same to ensure that all bed bugs are exterminated in the structure in one day. With severe cases of bed bugs this is the only way to go.

If we only find bed bugs in a single room, then we can heat just that room. For a mild case of bed bugs this option is often successful. We would still apply pesticide in all rooms and furniture within the structure.

Will anything be damaged by the heat treatment?

We take great care to avoid damaging anything with our heat treatment. We will provide you with a list of things to do before we arrive. This includes a list of items that can be damaged by heat. You must follow the preparation instructions to help us prevent damage during the heat treatment. Contact us to learn more about preparing for a bed bug heat treatment.

Watch the below video to watch our signature heat treatment in action: