Canine Detection for Bed Bugs

Using Canine Detection for Bed Bugs

Dogs have speical noses that are used for detecting cadavers, bombs, drugs and even bed bugs.  This can be a very useful tool when trying to find bed bugs located in a hard to discover location of your home.

Our team just kills bed bugs, we won’t pretend to be dog trainers/handlers

Dallas Heat Pest Services does not offer in-house canine detection, we prefer to use a third party to make sure we can provide unbiased detection.

The dog handler and dog should not have any incentive when working towards detecting if your home has any signs of bed bugs.

We recommend that you only use a third party, Never trust in-house Bed Bug Canines! 

Our third party services have no incentive to find or not find bed bugs.   This is the only way we recommend anyone use bed bug detection services.

After treatment, make sure the bed bugs are exterminated with a 3rd party Canine Detection.

This way it’s 100% accurate and 100% honest.

2 Year Bed Bug Warranty Houston

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