Bed Bugs Not Welcome

When you are on the road or vacationing somewhere you may pick up a few souvenirs for friends or family.  One souvenir we are sure you would never want, however, are bed bugs.  This article offers up a few pointers on how to make sure you do not bring any unwelcome guests home with you.


Prevent bed bugs at home after traveling

bedbugdorm article

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” may have been a clever thing to say when tucking children in at night, but bed bugs are more than just child’s play. Bed bugs have long been a threat to humans and other animals. Archaeologists have found fossilized bed bugs in human dwellings in Egypt that date back roughly 3,550 years. Greek playwrights have mentioned them, and they’re even referenced in the Talmud.

Even though bed bugs are commonly associated with areas void of cleanliness, just about any person can end up with a bed bug infestation. That’s because bed bugs are very good at hitchhiking. They can nestle into small crevices, such as in the cracks of suitcases, clothing and linens.

Then those same bed bugs can take up residence in another home, dormitory or office.

The National Pest Management Association says bed bug encounters have become more common in public places in recent years. Travelers need to protect themselves by learning how bed bugs operate and how to prevent them from becoming a problem. The following are some fast facts about bed bugs.

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