The Life of a Bed Bug

Bed bugs lead interesting lives.  It takes an understanding of their life cycle to be able to find them and remove them from homes and businesses.  Did you know they can go months without food?  Read more about a bed bug’s life in this interesting article.


The bedbug life cycle — explained

Columnist Dana Wilde’s brother is an exterminator who finds himself in some weird situations with bugs and humans.

bedbuglifecycle article

My brother Al is an exterminator. People call him up and tell him they’ve got ants, cockroaches, bedbugs or whatever crawling things they think they can’t stand anymore, and he goes out with equipment that, except in really complicated cases, solves the problem. He’s not weird. But as you can imagine, he’s got some weird stories.

One is about a guy who thought he had bedbugs but didn’t. When Al arrived at the apartment, the man sent his wife and teenage daughter out, saying he didn’t want them to get bitten during the ensuing battle. Al got a little uneasy. The man told Al to take off his shoes. Al got very uneasy, but he played along.

The man sat down in a chair, took off his own shoes and said, “Now just watch.”

After half a minute or so, Al said, “OK, what am I watching for?”

“Just wait,” the man said. “In a minute there’ll be bedbugs coming across the carpet by the hundreds.”

Long story short, there were no bedbugs. This happens more often than you’d think, Al told me, and he almost always ends up giving the people the good news that somebody lied to them about these nonexistent bedbugs, and going on his way. But this man could not be convinced and insisted the apartment be treated. Al said, “OK, I think I see one. You have to leave now.”

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