Bed Bugs in Hotels

If you or someone you know works in a hotel this is an important read on what processes you should follow to keep bed bugs out.  Hotels are where a lot of people have picked up bed bugs in the past unknowingly bringing them to their next destination.  Check out the main points this article offers for bed bug prevention.


Know Thy Enemy: Bed Bug Facts Every Hotelier Needs to Know

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Bed bugs are becoming the bane of hotels across the country. An infestation can permanently scar a hotel brand when an outraged guest has his or her vacation destroyed by a bed bug encounter and then takes to social media or even the news with their story. Furthermore, potential guests are assessing whether a hotel has reported incidents of bed bugs; if so, they move on and reserve a room in a different facility. In either scenario, the loss of hotel revenue and reputation can be irreparably damaged.

Bed bugs can easily hide, evading housekeeping staff inspections and pest control professionals. It takes just one impregnated female bed bug or several missed eggs to be introduced by a hotel guest or your own staff to restart the infestation cycle.

Hotel rooms have regular guest turnover and are constantly challenged with new bed bug introductions; these pests are notorious hitchhikers. Once an infestation establishes, bed bugs are incredibly difficult to control. Hotels throughout the country are protecting their guests, reputation and stakeholder’s equity by educating themselves on this blood-sucking pest. The following facts can help you better understand what you’re up against when it comes to bed bugs.

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