What to do when bed bugs bite.

We’ve all heard the age old rhyme about not letting the bed bugs bite when we head off to sleep but it doesn’t really go into what happens if you do get bit and what to do about it. Some things just aren’t meant to rhyme and that’s why you don’t find advice on how to relieve the itch of your bed bug problem.

 Naturally the first thing you will need to do if you have been bitten by a bed bug is to start a program
to rid bed bugs from your home. These persistent little pests will only grow in number very quickly if you do not
learn how to get bed bugs out of your house.

We will all react very differently to the bite of a bed bug, for a lucky few there is very little or no reaction
and these people will hardly be aware of a pest problem in their home. Other individuals will react very badly and
can be covered from head to foot with large ugly, red welts that drive them mad with the itching.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you are the victim of bed bug bites is that you must not scratch
them. This may be very difficult for anyone who reacts badly to these bites, but to prevent possible further
infections from breaking the skin you must resist the urge to rub and scratch the bites.

This is a very popular cure to the itching of a bed bug bite. The procedure is very simple. Start by washing the
bites with soap and water, next make a thick and sticky mixture of baking soda and water that is not too thin a
mix, but thick enough to stay in place once applied to the bites. Allow this mixture to stay on the bite for about
an hour and then wash if off and pat the area dry.

Other Natural Treatments

Witch Hazel is a herb that acts as an astringent and has been used extensively to reduce the itching of insect
bites. St. John wort and lemon juice will also help to reduce the itch.

One excellent way to reduce the itch is by using the gel of the Aloe Vera Plant. This would be my favorite way
to reduce the itch from any bite, and even from sun burn. This is an incredible plant that has many medicinal
properties and is one plant that every family should have close at hand.

I would recommend this plant to everyone. You can read more information about this plant at the site Your Herbs Guide.

Peppermint Oil

Add some peppermint oil to bath water and soak in this to get some relief from the itch.

The itch from bed bug rashes can also be treated with applications of Cortisone cream, calamine lotion,
hydrocortisone cream or you can try using aspirin and water mix the same way that baking soda is used.

What are the
bed bugs bites treatments that you have tried that work?

Source: http://www.bedbugshome.com/how-to-treat-bed-bug-bites.php

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